How will this change what we do for you? It won’t actually change much at all, we were already self-regulating many of the things that are very likely to be be put in place industry-wide. Here’s are some insights as to what property management may look like post regulation…

  • Gain a license to practice – Hurrah!
  • Be trained and qualified (all our PM team are fully trained to NZQA level)
  • Follow a professional code of conduct (we’re already registered with REINZ)
  • Have insurance (we have always operated with insurance)
  • Have a separate client trust account (yes, of course, we already have this)
  • Have accounts independently audited (we already do this annually)

There will also be a formal, independent complaints process in place – Hurrah!

So in a nutshell, we whole-heartedly welcome the changes for the industry and really hope it means we will start to see fewer of those unscrupulous PMs on the scene. For TRB however, we’ll just continue doing what we have always done to give you the best rental experience. Rest assured – you are in good hands.