Compare beyond the management fee


Don’t just look at the management fee % when it comes to affordability. Many company charge for everything on top of this including advertising costs, renewal costs and then there is a sneaky monthly admin fee. Our fees are transparent and clear from the start. 


We keep our costs low. And yours.


24/7 online portal

Access your online portal anytime. You can see statements and approve maintenance jobs in seconds. Automated texts advise when you need to look.

Find tenants fast

Market-leading TradeMe hit rates and video advertising. Online tenant application process and stream-lined digital vetting process. We usually find tenants within a week of advertising.

Online maintenance reporting

Your tenants know how to log issues on their 24/7 access portal and take photos of the issue. Our suppliers can quote and arrive job-ready. This saves us, our suppliers, and you, time and money.

No extra charges

We don’t charge for all the extras, they are included in our simple fee structure. You can expect to save more than $1000 per year.

Easy-to-understand statement

Fewer fees and our fortnightly payments mean it’s usually for the same amount each time. So no explanation required.

No Tenancy Tribunal fees

We find great tenants. So we don’t need to charge for Tribunal Hearings.

We’re nice and we know stuff!

We look after your tenants. Our whole team is fully qualified with NZQA in Property Management. When issues arise, we manage with knowledge and nicely which is generally better for everyone.

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