Big News – Minister of Housing Megan Woods made three big announcements this month. Here’s a quick summary of what coming;

  • Property Management will be regulated by May 2026.

As you know The Rental Bureau petitioned and made a submission in favour of this, as we want our great standards to be shared by everyone in the industry. It means that all PMs must be qualified and licensed to practice – we are very happy and very ready for this!

  • Submissions for one recognised meth standard.

Again – super happy as since the Gluckman Report came out, there have been discrepancies between what is considered to be safe. The Tenancy Tribunal recognises the Gluckman’s minimum standard less than 15mu to be safe, however many insurance companies and the official guidelines are still working to 1.5mu leaving tenants, owners and PMs unsure how to proceed. This clarity is long overdue and very welcome!

  • Healthy Homes – 12-month extension.

The reason behind this extension is that state housing officials have been unable to meet their own deadline, and it’s understandable this has caused some unrest to say the least. However, the reality for our clients is that only 15% have periodic tenancies that were signed prior to July 2021. The remainder have the security of renewed fixed terms, which meant healthy homes compliance was triggered. We have 1% of our clients who will benefit from the extension and remain “compliant” the rest of you are job done and can sit back and relax!