Here is a brief summary of the proposed changes;  

 For properties that already meet the 2008 Building Regulations such as new build properties or properties that have been renovated to meet this regulation specifically for glazing and insulation,  

  • Heating standard deadline extended. The 90-day compliance requirement will not start until 6 months after this change comes into effect. If the change was in effect now and a new tenancy agreement signed, the compliance date would be 6 months plus 90 days.  
  • Top-up heating requirement. Currently, if your heat source installed before July 2019 falls short of the requirement of 1.5Kw or less, you can top-up with an electric heater.  This has changed to allow up to a 2.4Kw top-up shortfall.  
  • Tolerance for existing heating. Currently, if your heat source was installed before July 2019 and is within 90% of the requirement then you comply until the heating needs to be replaced. This has changed to 80%.  
  • Ventilation. Currently, kitchen and bathroom extractor fans that passed the building consent process after 1st November 2019 may not be compliant with Healthy Homes Regulations regarding capacity and ducting diameters. This change allows compliance for Healthy Homes where the consent process has signed this off. In summary, the processes are now aligned.  

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