Working with us

We keep it simple. We only do property management. We have a simple fee structure. We have a small local team. We are available. We’re problem solvers and negotiators and there isn’t much we haven’t seen.

We are simply for tenants, landlords and properties. Whether it’s arrears, vacancies, insulation or problem landlords/tenants, we’ll get it sorted quickly and without too much fuss!

Our unique vetting systems find good tenants. But our approach is not just about tenants. We keep landlords happy as well.

longer tenancies
longer tenancies

We find that tenants tend to stick around longer if their issues get resolved quickly. We respond within 24 hours and have a plan in place within 48!

good tenant credit history
good credit history

We really like people who who pay rent on time every time, so we check credit history and make sure we get the good ones.

Better maintained properties
Better maintained properties

We review properties every 3 months and make strong recommendations to our landlords for both short and medium term maintenance.

Local expertise
Local expertise

We know the areas we manage. The schools, the transport, the bus routes – ask us what you need to know about the area.

fortnightly payments

Cashflow and knowing what is coming when is important. We check rents in daily, receive them weekly and pay them to landlords fortnightly. You know exactly what you are getting and when it will be in your account unlike receiving monthly payments where you don’t know whether you’ll get 4 or 5 week’s rent.

longer tenancies
A property manager You can trust

We like to think so, and our clients tell us this, come and try us and tell us what you think.

How We Manage Properties

1. Place the right tenants
With our thorough vetting processes
From viewing to move-in day we create a detailed portfolio of your prospective tenants.

2. Develop an effective relationship with tenants
With our outstanding property management process
Our approach is personal, from handing over keys to manning our emergency helpline, we let your tenants know that we are on hand.

3. Involve you only when we need to
Managing your properties day to day admin
We’ll keep you informed of everything you need to know with your property and your tenants.

All this ensures customer satisfaction for our tenants and our landlords, which is a fancy way of saying everyone’s happy. It’s different, it’s personal, and it works.

And that is what makes our property management outstanding.

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Areas we cover

We manage properties from West Auckland to the North Shore, Central and South to Papatoetoe.

Enquire with us to find out if your area is covered.

Our News

The property management sector is being regulated – Hurrah!

The property management sector is being regulated – Hurrah!

It won’t actually change much of we we do at all, we were already self-regulating many of the things that are very likely to be put in place industry-wide. Here’s are some insights as to what property management may look like post regulation (and what we do already)…

Healthy Homes changes and updates

Healthy Homes changes and updates

Following the announcement on 3rd December 2021 from the Ministry of Housing, they will be introducing a few changes for properties that already meet the 2008 Building Regulations. A welcomed change to many owners.