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The Rental Bureau

Welcome to

The Rental Bureau

Property Management

We keep it simple. We only do property management. We only charge one fee. We have a small local team. We are available. We’re problem solvers and negotiators and there isn’t much we haven’t seen.

We are simply for tenants, landlords and properties. Whether it’s arrears, vacancies, insulation or problem landlords/tenants, we’ll get it sorted quickly and without too much fuss!

Why Choose The Rental Bureau?

How We Manage Properties

  1. Place the right tenants (With our thorough vetting processes)
  2. Develop an effective relationship with tenants (With our outstanding property management process)
  3. Involve you only when we need to (Managing the day to day admin associated with your property)

All this ensures customer satisfaction for our tenants and our landlords, which is a fancy way of saying everyone’s happy. It’s different, it’s personal, and it works. And that is what makes our property management outstanding.


“The service from Vicky is simply exceptional. I was a ‘virgin’ ready to be sacrificed when it came to property rentals, but she managed to organise me into a rental managing machine – awesome!”


“Vicky goes above and beyond. Great dealing with you. Thank you.”


It seems as if there are a lot of people living in rental properties out there with property managers and owners who don’t care at all about their asset nor the people occupying it.

We’re really grateful for all the work that has gone into getting the our property up to scratch since we moved in and the management contract moved to the Rental Bureau. 

We’re sorry (for all of us!) that things were left in such as shambles after the last tenant & property managers, and can assure you we won’t let the property slide into the same state again.
We’re pleased with the relationship we are building with your team, Vicky.  Requests are dealt with quickly and professionally, which means both we, as tenants, and the property owners are looked after well.  Anyway – that’s it.  Just wanted to say thanks.”


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