About Us

We started in 2015. We’re vibrant, picky, detailed, responsive, committed as well as energised and upbeat. Our ethos is our people. Good people to build great relationships; to use technology to keep prices reasonable and have a passionate desire all about houses. We’re giving landlords information and we’re giving tenants assurance.
We’re introducing vibrancy and energy. All our people are trained in every aspect of managing your property and we’re small so we all know all about your house and your tenant. Our technology speeds up our processes without removing the important personal touch.
Our tenancy agreements can be signed by tenants online, so they don’t need to come into the office, however in order to ensure that our tenants understand every line we talk them through it over a call in the comfort of their own home in front of their computer.  We walk our tenants through our emergency maintenance process, and always have someone on call to deal with real emergencies.
This simple model gives landlords and tenants both what they need; full information, and fast responses. You told us it’s what you need. Tenants are happy to pay market rent if issues are dealt with quickly. Landlords are happy to deal with issues quickly if tenants pay on time. When rent is high and service low, people move on and properties are empty so everyone loses.
The Rental Bureau is here and proud to be different. We’re quick and we’re all about people. When our customers call, we don’t need to look you up on our database, we know who you are and likely to know what you’re calling about, because we probably contacted you about it first. Call us – we’ll start by answering the phone to you, then to your prospective tenants!

Victoria Heyes

Founded the business in 2015 after being a landlord for 9 years and a project manager for 15 years. I felt there was a personal touch which was missing from an industry which has lots of bad press, we bring positivity and a personal touch.

As much as it is wonderful to get a glowing testimonial from a landlord, nothing is more pleasing than hearing from a tenant who is appreciative of a fair approach and a great service.

Seren Ball

I joined The Rental Bureau in 2016 and quickly became aware of the importance of getting it right first time particularly when selecting tenants.

I strive towards building positive relationships with both our landlords and tenants.
Our goal is to ensure that our tenants are happy with the homes that they live in and our landlords are happy with the tenants who live in their homes. 


Lauren Scotting

My role is to assist all new landlords and walk them through what we do and how we do it. I am the one you will have the conversation with regarding why you should trust us with your biggest asset.

As the first point of contact for the landlords, I will be the one who finds the right tenants for your property and makes sure everything is all ready to go for the commencement of the agreement. It is my priority to ensure that everything goes smoothly and all parties involved are happy and informed.
In creating strong relationships with our landlords we make the transition to the Rental Bureau and finding great tenants a smooth and painless process.