Products & Pricing

We have two products which we are proud to present, Full Monty Property Management and Naked Letting. Both have one fee and nothing is hidden. The difference is simple, Full Monty is for the landlord who want to be hands off, and Naked Letting is for the landlord who wants to be heavily involved.

Whether you pay someone to manage or you give up your on time to manage your property, the costs are the same and whichever of our products you choose you will remain a client of The Rental Bureau – so the choice is all yours…

Full Monty Property Management

This is for the busy landlord, the overseas landlord, the wants-some-free-time landlord and the tired landlord.  For the landlord who wants someone else to manage the day to day runnings of their nest egg – we do it all. We look after every aspect of your investment from tenant selection to checking lawns, so that you don’t have to. 

We run it all by you of course. For one fee which is deducted from your rent, we find you tenants, keep them happy, review your property thoroughly every 3 months, check you rents are in, keep you constantly updated with what’s going on in terms of compliance and maintain market rents for your property.

If there is a problem – we’ll solve it, or we’ll waive our fee.

Naked Letting

This is for the landlord who is managing their own property. It’s a recruitment service. We don’t come to the property, we leave you to interview the tenants that you will manage. We receive the photos from the landlord, we screen the prospective tenants and we send through a schedule of who is coming to meet them and to view the property at the same time. 

It’s recruiting for tenant-landlord relationship and the landlord needs to personally select they tenants they would like in their properties.

We produce a binding tenancy agreement, bond lodgement receive money and lodge the bond. From here on we are available for advice if required.

Compare – No Hidden Fees

Please don’t just look at the management fee % when it comes to affordability. Many company charge for everything on top of this including advertising costs, inspections can cost up to $200 and then there is a sneaky monthly admin fee. We don’t have any of these costs. Look at the cost comparison sheet comparing our pricing to some of the larger agencies. We keep our costs low by having a very simple one fee model, great processes and up to date technology, which makes life easier.

Longer Tenancies

We find that tenants tend to stick around longer if their issues get resolved quickly. We respond within 24 hours and have a plan in place within 48!

Good Credit History

We really like people who who pay rent on time every time, so we check credit history and make sure we get the good ones.

Better Maintained Properties

We review properties every 3 months and make strong recommendations to our landlords for both short and medium term maintenance.

Local Expertise

We know the areas we manage. The schools, the transport, the bus routes – ask us what you need to know about the area.

Fortnightly Payments

Cashflow and knowing what is coming when is important. We check rents in daily, receive them weekly and pay them to landlords fortnightly.  You know exactly what you are getting and when it will be in your account unlike receiving monthly payments where you don’t know whether you’ll get 4 or 5 week’s rent.

A Property Manager you can Trust

We like to think so, and our clients tell us this, come and try us and tell us what you think?

LL Testimonials

“I just wanted to say a huge thank you for the amazing job you did.
I was impressed from the word go ….and go you did!
You were so proactive from the first day.
Your service was nothing but fantastic and I would not hesitate in using your company again in the future.
Thank you for finding us our Tennant so quickly.”


“Was talking about your excellent service yesterday with our family friend and we referred him to you without any hesitation.
Would not hesitate to refer anyone who are on the lookout for reliable and efficient property manager.
Keep up the great service.”